We’re all a little broken

We're all a little broken

By Heath Kull

As we look at our society today, it is hard not to come to the conclusion that things are trending in a negative direction. We are constantly barraged with stories of our flaws and the things that divide us and separate us from each other. But is that all that there is anymore?

I would say, “no.”

Granted, there is a lot that divides us these days and there are more than a few subjects that most families learn to avoid discussing. Politics, religion, guns, abortion, liberty, taxes, rights and obligations are all topics that can, without much warning, divide us. But are the topics the problem…or are we?

I would propose that we are all a little broken; and that is a good thing. While this, in my opinion, could unite us, it currently is serving to divide us. How did we get this way?

In truth, we’ve always had struggles that we’ve had to deal with. Many have had to endure difficult relationships with parents and many have had difficult relationships with their kids. Many have endured abuse, discrimination and maltreatment and many have, whether intentionally or unintentionally, mistreated others. As I said, we are all a little broken.

If we’re being honest, our faults and damaged spots are what makes us unique and helps us to understand the faults and damaged spots of others. Hopefully, this is what also allows us to understand the need for and obligation to, forgive others.

Maybe if we started looking at each other with the goal of understanding each other instead of judging one another, we could bring about the change we are so desperately seeking.

In working with the kids at The Ranches, they have taught me that, although we are all a little broken, we all have the capacity to love our neighbor as ourselves and respect the differences that exist between all of us. According to the kids, we should all be able to talk about things, “like adults.”

I tend to agree. As I see it, the younger generation, with all of their entitlement, outrage and confidence, are waiting for the generations that came before them to lead them. Sadly, many of the adults have allowed the knowledge that we are all a little broken to prevent them from feeling that they have the right to lead. Unfortunately, some even believe that they aren’t worthy of leadership due to their faults and damaged spots. Nothing could be further from the truth. God has a purpose for all of us and created us just the way we are; faults and damaged spots included, for His purpose. We must lead the younger generation back to being members of communities that value and respect each other and we must lead them through conflict, entitlement, outrage and arrogance. Only then will they understand that their faults and damaged spots are also part of God’s plan and preparation for His purpose for them.

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