Parenting Today’s Youth

Parenting Today's Youth

Helping parents and children learn to have a more positive outlook on themselves and on life can make such an impact and here’s to learning positive techniques on Parenting Today’s Youth.

By the time kids come to The Ranches, it is not uncommon for them to have a fairly negative view of themselves. Parents, siblings, teachers and friends have all given their two cents about who the child is and who they should be. In many cases, past behaviors have become defining moments that are often repeated and used to diminish the spirit of the child. While this is done, in many cases, with the intention of preventing future bad behavior, often it becomes a drumbeat of negativity in the child’s thoughts. When this is coupled with the guilt and the grief that comes from the loss of loved ones and relationships, it can be overwhelming.

In these cases, we have to work to help the child learn to give up on having a better past. All too often, the belief that there is a way to erase those negative behaviors and get back the time that was lost to negativity drives their current actions and leads to unhealthy relationships and more guilt.

Oddly enough, many parents fall into the same trap. I often speak to parents who have managed to get themselves into a negative feedback loop due to the way that they have interacted with a child. Losing one’s temper, overreacting, getting frustrated in traffic or having a bad day can all become sources of parental guilt.

In many cases, my advice to parents is the same as my advice to kids; You have to give up on having a better past…even if the past was this morning.

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