Needs Vs Wants Podcast – Episode 2

Raise Them Up - The Ranches Podcast
As parents, it can be difficult to navigate raising our children in today’s day and age. When I was growing up, a television was considered a luxury and we only had 3 channels (2 if the wind moved the antenna). I get it, I’m old now, but I still remember. My kids have grown up in a very different world. My kids have an almost unlimited amount of content available and it is available on demand and around the clock. In this day and age, how do we as parents, determine what is a “need” and what is a “want”? At its best, it is difficult. At its worst, it is overwhelming. While I can’t possibly offer a chart or picture that outline what qualifies as a need and what is more of a want, I can offer you, based on our experience at The Ranches, a glimpse of what young people actually need. The young people that we work with tend to be fairly specific about what they believe they need from the adults in their life.
  1. Someone who will listen without judging and offer advice instead of directives.
  2. Someone who loves them at their worst and someone who likes them at their best.
  3. Respect for their opinions and perspective, not necessarily agreement.
  4. Support with difficulties – such as school.
  5. Tools for success (Access to technology) and things I need to get done.
  6. Honest feedback.
  7. Someone who will stand up for me.
  8. Someone who will stand up to me.
  9. Someone who can handle anything that they need to talk about.
  10. Someone who wants to spend quality time with them…even when they push away.

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