I am Important

I am Important

By Resident – MC

I have a bad habit of putting other’s needs in front of my own needs. This has caused me to think that I am invisible, unimportant and that I don’t matter to the world or to myself. I began believing everything bad that everyone was saying. This didn’t land me in a good spot emotionally or mentally. Unfortunately, I still struggle with this habit. The only difference is that I now see myself as important to me and to others.

I am important to myself because I am a good and happy person; and I also now know that I matter. I also matter because I am a human being and, to me, any human being matters. But I also matter to myself because I know that I am going to be something and I know that I am going to make something of myself. I am not going to sit around and do nothing. I am going to get up and paint a beautiful picture with my life.

I am important to my family because I have never done anything to intentionally hurt them. I am the “sunshine” in my family. I am always told that without me, my family is incomplete. My family notices the smallest things I do; which shows me that I mean something to my family. I am also important to my family because of the roles I play. I am mainly daughter, sister, cousin and aunty. Without me, my mother wouldn’t be a mother of two, my sister wouldn’t have a sister, my niece wouldn’t have an aunty my cousin wouldn’t have me. I have made things for people, good things. Those people show me that I matter by loving me regardless of my mistakes. No matter my “title” in life, I am important. Not only my family but to myself as well.

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