Holidays can be hard for kids – Podcast Episode 23

Raise Them Up - The Ranches Podcast

At The Ranches Holidays can be hard for kids.

While not every kid has grief and loss to deal with, every kid that does have a significant loss, struggles during the holidays with the memory of better times; times that included the person that they lost. At The Ranches, the holidays can be a difficult and tumultuous time as kids wish for what isn’t and want for what cannot be. Our goal, during the difficult holiday season, is to create a few new and valuable memories while being a little more patient with kids whose memories remind them of their feelings of losing what was valuable and grieving the loss during this season. Adults are really just big kids and the same concept applies to adults that remember a better time and love of someone lost during the holidays. Certain songs can remind us of similar times with loved ones while certain smells, like fireplaces and pine, can trigger our most powerful memories and take us right back to our grief and right back to the traumatic feelings that accompany loss. My advice to adults is similar to my advice to kids: Get out there, despite how difficult it is, and make some memories that can compliment your previous memories and, with a little luck, dilute the grief just a bit.

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