Dear Friends,

As we close out this decade and head into 2020, I can’t help but think of all the prognostications that I have heard in my life that indicated an end to what we do here at The Ranches. Every year, there seems to be some new existential threat to what we do and how we do it. Mostly, there are just more than enough people who want to passively ram their belief systems down other’s throats while simultaneously claiming that they are, in their own biased perception, the victim of others attempting to ram their belief systems down the throats of everyone else. I believe that I have heard them all…or at least the vast majority of these prognostications.

When I was just a kid at The Ranches, the separation of church and state was going to spell the end of us. As people grappled with the end of prayer in public schools and with the disconnection of God from government, people assumed, for whatever reason and no matter how falsely, that this separation meant that The Ranches would have to end our insistence on faith being a part of our program for kids. Yet, we persisted.

As I got older, the church got into the prognosticating by standing in opposition to people donating to The Ranches for fear that it would impact tithing to the church. This would most certainly lead to the end of The Ranches. Yet, we persisted.

As I grew up, I just kinda became immune to the prognostications and to the annual festival of worry and doubt that meant that someone thought that The Ranches would cease to exist this year…again. Yet, we persisted and continue to persist.

This year, I am again faced with the prognostications.

“It’s an election year!! People give less because they give to candidates!!”
“The tax cuts that were passed this year disincentivize giving!!”

While both of those may be true, I tend to lean on my faith in these times. We have faced these things before, and we have persisted. Mainly due to the generosity of our donors and their insistence on supporting young people in need. So, as we head into 2020, you may find yourself disincentivized to give due to our tax code or itemized deductions or due to political contributions or due to the needs of another charity. If I am who I say that I am and if I believe – truly believe – in God, then this is all a part of God’s plan and we will again persist. I have a tendency to believe that God is far more in control than bureaucrats and that our donors are far more loyal than given credit for. I also believe that you give because you Believe and because you believe in rekindling hope in youth…even in election years and despite the tax code.

So, unlike in years past, I am not asking you to support purchasing a van or upgrading a cottage or to buy new appliances. I am simply asking you to support us and our quest to offer hope to the children of New Mexico.

We appreciate you and the fact that you continue to believe in us and support us in our mission.


Heath Kull – President

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