Thanksgiving Appeal 2020


“Years of therapy and I feel like I’ve done more down here in the dirt than I ever did in a therapist’s office.” – Resident M.C.

As the tears flow and healing begins, I often can’t help but whisper my gratitude to the Good Lord and to those of you who supported the building of our Agape Indoor Riding Arena. It always amazes me what horses can do that so many adults tend to fumble. The horses have seen it all and fail to repeat the pattern of judgement for the kids. When the healing does start, we encourage the kids who are dealing with some of their worst feelings – shame, guilt, anger, fear, embarrassment – to just leave it all in the dirt. Let go and let God work.

We have truly been blessed at The Ranches

The Agape Arena has become a huge part of how we rekindle hope in at risk youth.

Agape Arena

While we were so excited and thankful to get the arena built, we didn’t quite have an accurate feel for how significant it would become. Kids have been coming down to the barn for healing since construction was completed. Leaving it in the dirt.

Which brings me to the purpose of this letter.

I must start by admitting that I did not have an adequate vision when the arena project began. I wanted an indoor arena to allow the kids to work with and ride horses no matter the weather. The arena allows that…and so much more. It has truly become one of the centerpieces of what we do here. However, it could use a couple of upgrades to overcome my lack of vision for the initial project.

One of our most generous donors has offered to match your donations up to $10,000. Helping us add power, lighting, ceiling fans and indoor bathrooms to the Agape Arena. With your additional help, we can help kids “leave it in the dirt” even after the sun goes down.

Heath Kull – President

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Thanksgiving Appeal 2020

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