Spring Appeal 2019 The Ranches

Dear Friends,

I hope that this letter finds you well and warm. The weather this time of year can be fairly unpredictable in New Mexico, and this year has been especially drastic. We have, however, been blessed with much needed moisture.

I didn’t write to you, however, to talk about the weather. As we approach our 75th Anniversary Celebration, I wanted to take a moment to share with you the reason that we celebrate this momentous occasion.

1944 was a much different time and we were a much different organization in those days. There were kids who struggled with the effects of fathers being called upon by their country to defend their safety and way of life. They understood the reasons for the absence of their fathers, but struggled with the absence nonetheless. As a result, many of those kids resorted to less than healthy coping mechanisms. Fighting, drinking, smoking, lashing out at moms, teachers and anyone who tried to help. We provided an environment that was safe and met their physically needs. We tried to stand in the gap that was left by the parents who were called upon to be absent and address the needs of our country. Unfortunately, the needs of the kids had to take a back seat to the needs of the nation. While it wasn’t easier, it was simpler.

In the 75 years since, the reasons have changed, but the needs of kids who aren’t getting their needs met by their families has remained an issue left at our feet. Kids today are still struggling with the physical or emotional absence of one or more parent, but the reasons are less clear and less understandable; in many cases the reasons are far less noble.

Today, kids struggle to belong in the multitude of environments that they must exist in. And reaching for insufficient and less than healthy coping mechanisms remains their issue. Redirecting their needs for a coping strategy that is healthy remains our responsibility. While physical safety was once our mission, emotional safety is now more relevant and critical. And, my, have the coping mechanisms changed. We now have to deal with and address cutting, eating issues, drugs, dangerous sexual experimentation and worse. For 75 years, we have been growing and adapting and learning and changing in pursuit of meeting the needs of kids who are hurting. Help, healing and hope remain our mission despite the changes needed in order to offer these three critical pieces in serving youth. And we, as always, rely upon you to give us the opportunity to continue to do so. Thankfully, you’ve always been generous in helping us.

This spring, we are excited to offer Equine Gestalt Coaching in pursuit of help, healing and hope. You have generously supported this endeavor and I am pleased to report that we will soon begin construction of the Agape Indoor Arena at The Ranches. I am both thankful to you and proud that you continue to support us as we grow and find new pathways in providing help, hope and healing.

To that end, I am asking you to support us in reconnecting with all the kids you have helped. We are inviting anyone who has ever been touched, impacted or influenced by The Ranches to join us on August 3rd, 2019 at The Ranches main campus to celebrate the kids, the staff and you. Many faces from the past and many stories of families who will not need help with their children will get together in celebration.

In celebration of our 75 year history, I am asking for help in supporting kids who are no longer really kids. Our alumni, many who owe a debt of gratitude to you for supporting their childhood, still need help and support from time to time. You stood in their lives in place of the support that they needed from someone else out of generosity and kindness. I appreciate it and so do they. So much so, that they now turn to us in times of trial and tribulation in the hopes that they can lean on their Ranches family. Scholarships, help with parenting, emotional support and continued growth and healing are given to our extended Ranches family.

So, in 2019, I am asking for your support for Alumni so that we can continue what you started. Support in search of help, healing and hope. Your gift will go to help those who are now attempting to break the cycle and be for their kids what they once needed. We’d also love to see you in August so that you can see what you have done to change the world for the kids you’ve supported. Our hope is that the previous generation can serve as an example to the current generation and that you can see the fruits of your past and continued generosity in pursuit of help, healing and hope. Maybe, just maybe, we can remind our alumni that our commitment to them never really ends. While The Ranches isn’t always the family that they desired, we can be the extended family that they always deserved.


Heath Kull, President