Socorro County Fair Junior Livestock Auction
Socorro County Fair’s Junior Livestock Auction in Socorro, NM

Being Fair About Fairs

Dear Friends,
For most of my life, we have been going to county fairs around the state in an effort to reach out to the public and, whenever possible, to secure donations from the Junior Livestock Auction. You see, when a youngster in 4H does an exemplary job of raising a show animal and presents that animal well, they can reap some rather hefty rewards for their effort when it comes time for the Junior Livestock Auction. As someone who’s eaten a piece of an $8,000 cake and had a steak from a $37,000 steer, I assure you that there is plenty of hard work that goes into the reaping of such significant financial benefits.

Junior Livestock Auction

The Ranches also benefits from the Junior Livestock sales. When someone purchases an animal at the auction in support of their favorite youngster, but doesn’t have the desire or freezer space required to have that animal processed, they are free to give the animal to us for the benefit of the kids. Steers and pigs become hamburgers and bacon, while lambs and goats are sold and the monies deposited to supplement our food budget.

We see this quite easily as a classic “win-win” and the kids at The Ranches eat well as a direct result of the generosity of people who choose to support kids twice; once when they buy the animal and a second time when they help us feed young people at The Ranches.

Our Aging Fleet of Trailers

As a result of this, I spend a lot of time in a truck from the beginning of August through the end of October. There are over 30 fairs in New Mexico and we often attend 25 – 30 of them. Of course there are those fairs that don’t appreciate what we do – I’m looking at you Lincoln County Fair Board – but most of them are friendly and awfully thoughtful. Now, before you start guessing what we’re asking for, it isn’t a pickup truck.

We’ve been hauling the same trailers around since the early 80s. Consequently, our fleet of trailers are a little worse for wear. We’re hoping that you’ll support us in purchasing a new – or at least new to us – fancy aluminum trailer for fair season. We have a generous donor who has offered to match your donation up to $15,000 to support this worthy cause.

Heath Kull – President

Your Support Will Make All The Difference!

Not sure where your donations are best served? Please reach out to us and we’ll guide you to the area most in need.

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