1944 was a big year for The Ranches. To be accurate, 1944 was a big year for The Ranch as we were founded as the Boys Ranch. While we were started to address the kids who were left in the wake of WWII, we were founded on the premise that fellas, and at times all of us, could use a fresh start. Since 1944, thousands of fellas, and starting in 1984, thousands of gals have received a fresh start with us. A fresh start in school, a fresh start in their families, a fresh start in relationships and a fresh start in life. 2019 will be our 75th year of fresh starts and of offering help, healing and hope to young people.

My story at The Ranches didn’t begin until 1973; as that was the year that I was born at The Ranch. I didn’t need a fresh start as I just needed a start. I grew up here and have been a minor participant in thousands of kid’s stories. Because of this, I am hopeful that our 75th year will be the beginning of our own fresh start. While our program has evolved and matured and kept paces with changes in societal norms and emerging research and information, our cottages have not.

I am asking you, our relentlessly generous donor base, to pledge $75 for 75 years. I fully recognize that each family has its own set of circumstances and financial obligations and the last thing that we’d want to do is impose an undue hardship on our supporters. If you can afford a one time gift of $75 for our 75th year, we’d be humbly appreciative. If, however, you are in a place to become a partner in 2019, we’d love to welcome you to our Partners program. Our Partners commit to monthly donations in the amount they feel is appropriate. Of course, this year, we’re hoping to add Partners willing to give $75 a month for our 75th year but the monthly donation of your choice would be welcome. While I realize that we usually present a need and ask you to support it, I am asking that this year, $75 for 75 becomes a way to easily spread the word about The Ranches and the work that we do to alter and forever change the lives of children. I plan on giving a few of these gifts in the name of people that have influenced and effected my life in positive and meaningful ways. I encourage you to do the same. You just may change a life and you just might insure that we can offer help, healing and hope for another 75 years and to a whole new generation of fellas and gals. 
If you would like to join us in person to celebrate our 75th anniversary, we welcome you. We are planning to have a shindig at The Ranch on August 3rd of 2019. Please join us for this monumental celebration of your generosity in supporting kids and their families.
Wishing you and your family a very blessed 2019!
Heath Kull – President