The Ranches Christmas Appeal 2017

Over the years, my feelings about Christmas have evolved and changed. When I was a kid, the excitement could be overwhelming and Christmas Eve was one of those nights where sleep felt elusive. As I got older, it became just a day to exchange presents and spend time with family. All of that changed when I got married and had kids. Gone was my selfish desire for presents or my annual obligation to see those family members whom I didn’t keep in touch with. When we had kids, Christmas became about them and the looks on their faces on Christmas morning. The excitement and wonder that they felt was infectious and contagious; just like my excitement and wonder was infectious and contagious for my wife’s and my parents.

Now, I must admit that, for many years, I lost sight of the actual meaning of Christmas. I was looking at it as a holiday instead of as a reminder. While Christmas Trees and perfectly wrapped presents are festive and bring both joy and good cheer, Christmas is the day that we celebrate the birth of Christ. I can relate to celebrating the birth of a child as the births of my children were celebrated and joyous for me and for my family. I, however, was not having to celebrate the birth of a child who would one day be crucified for the sins of others. That would have been more than I could bear. I simply can’t imagine sacrificing one of my children, even if it was for the eternal betterment of the entire world. Thankfully, God loves us much more than we are capable of loving each other…or Him.

He loves us so much that no matter how far away from God we feel or how distant our own faith becomes, Christmas is still the day that the greatest gift was given to us; even if we don’t recognize the gift or believe in the One who gave it. Now, as I celebrate Christmas, I am very aware of both the joy and the sacrifice that Christmas represents. While we give each other presents and are always watching in hopes of seeing the look on our children’s faces that indicate that we gave the perfect gift, we cannot even begin to imagine the gift that God chose to give us on this day.

As you celebrate the joy of Christmas and embrace your family and friends, I ask that you please say a prayer for the kids of The Ranches. While they may not understand the meaning of Christmas right now, with your support and the assistance of the dedicated and caring staff of The Ranches, they may one day understand what Christmas means when they celebrate with their own children. A silent night, a star above, a blessed gift of hope and love. The Ranches wishes you a blessed Christmas to you and your family!


Heath Kull, President

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