Fashion – Podcast Episode 8

Raise Them Up - The Ranches Podcast
Welcome to the “Raise Them Up” Podcast presented by The New Mexico Boys and Girls Ranches (The Ranches)
Well, it’s prom season. For the kids at The Ranches, we don’t typically have a prom, but we do have opportunities to take them to events where dressing up and using our manners is important.
Recently, we had a chance to take some kids to the Governor’s Ball presented by the Rotary del Sol club. While it sounds exciting, it can be intimidating and a little scary for the adults that are asked to attend and represent The Ranches. We also took it a step further by taking several of the kids to the ball. While the ball was exciting, the shopping was where the relationship was built.
Taking kids, girls for my wife and boys  for me, to get an outfit is a true highlight. While the kids at The Ranches struggle with dressing up and often don’t feel like they “deserve” the opportunity, many adults feel the same way. With that in mind, we headed to the mall to find outfits.
Finding a suit and shoes and tie took a little bit, but the results were more than worth it. Seeing young men emerge from the dressing room with a nervous look and then seeing that look replaced when they see themselves in a full length mirror is truly humbling.
We talk about self-esteem all of the time, but these moments show us that our efforts to build self esteem, and to “Rekindle Hope,” were not wasted.

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