Faith – Podcast Episode 7

Raise Them Up - The Ranches Podcast
Welcome to the “Raise Them Up” Podcast presented by The New Mexico Boys and Girls Ranches (The Ranches)
Faith is complicated for adults and can be for kids as well. I grew up in the church and have always had a foundation in faith. But as I grew older, I had to take a look for myself at what I had always accepted about God and faith.
Starting out, I learned the very best parts of the Bible and of Jesus. Oddly enough, at about 13, I started to have some questions and some struggles about what I had always accepted. As I searched for answers, I was fortunate enough to have some people in my life that helped me to walk through my struggles, my doubts and, most importantly, my questions.
What I learned was that my struggle was the church and not so much with Christ. As my wife is fond of saying, “We are not called to “act” like Christians, we are called to act like Christ.” Wise words.
In truth, the church and Christians aren’t perfect. And neither are we. As parents, we have to teach our kids to seek their own answers, but we must also be willing to be a part of their journey. All too often, we “outsource” our children’s struggles and questions to others and to the church. It is much more effective to have the discussion with them ourselves. It will build the relationship and help the child on their quest to resolve their own faith.

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