Ethics of Hard-Work

the ethics of hard work

The ethics of hard-work is extremely important when we enter the workforce as adults. That work ethic, believe it or not, starts when we are a whole lot younger. Helping out around the house, cleaning our rooms and learning to do our laundry. This is why chores are such a big part of The Ranches’ program. We teach kids to do all of the chores by rotating each week. They learn a skill that will serve them well when they eventually get their own place, and we get to take care of all of the things that need to get done around a cottage.

While some kids aren’t used to it and many are not good at their chores when they first get here, we patiently teach them to handle their chores. As they grow and mature, those chores will translate into ethics of hard-work. And we can all benefit from young people with great work ethic.

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