2016 Annual Report The Ranches


The Ranches are now entering their 74th year of taking care of the youth of New Mexico and we remain committed to our mission of Rekindling Hope in Today’s Youth. It would be hard to quantify all of the changes that have taken place since 1944, but those changes are significant and have a profound impact on our young people. Today’s youth are far more pessimistic and far more skeptical of adults, authority and “old people”. I was surprised to find out that I am now one of the “old people,” but my kids assure me that I am indeed, old.  In addition, young people today seem to struggle with the quiet and persistent evaporation of moral and ethical norms. It would seem that the only rule, at this point, is that there are no rules.

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Things have been steadily improving over the past year at The Ranches. We, like so many other businesses and families, have struggled in the past few years. We have had to face the realities that go with raising less money at a time when the day to day items that we must purchase keep increasing in price. In fact, the past year has been, in my estimation, the most difficult 12-month period that I have experienced at The Ranches.

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